About Us

Pegasys is a global IT solution and services company, established in 2002. Headquartered in Michigan, USA with presence in India, in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

We offer a wide range of IT services to our customers which helps them augments their business prospects. Our ervices are offered to a wide range of business verticals and industries like IT, real estate, health care, pharmaceuticals, telecom, media and banking & finance. The services offered by us are carefully and efficiently managed and implemented by our expert team of colleagues who possess immense knowledge and experience in the field of IT services. Through our dedicated team of experts, we tend to the needs of our customers and work accordingly to provide them with the solutions, keeping in mind the changing technological advancements taking place. Our main goal is to give our customers the best services to help them with their productivity and a competitive edge in the business market.

As an IT services company, we excel in services like:

  • Cloud computing (Cloud Sales, Cloud Services)
  • CRM
  • SaaS
  • Custom Development Services
  • Mobile application development
  • Staff and Training services.

In order to further enhance its reliability and effectiveness in providing multiple services to its customers, Pegasys partners with global firms like Salesforce, Knowlarity, MaaS360 among others. It analyses the requirements of its customers for their businesses and then customizes the services offered by its partners.